Forbidden Passions Series
Latest Release
Forbidden Passions, Vol. 2
July 2015
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  • Stolen Passions
    Enemy mine...
  • Passions Recalled
    She ran straight into love's arms...and he isn't letting her go a second time.
  • Fleeting Passions
    Love is the only thing she can't escape...
  • Renegade Passions
    No one can outfly the speed of fate.
  • Forbidden Passions
    Love is the most dangerous game of all...
  • Secret Passions
    How do you claim the heart of a fox? Tempt her into giving it up.
  • Illicit Passions
    In a hunt for love, who’s the predator and who’s the prey?
  • Forbidden Passions, Vol. 2
    Romance among weres is never simple.


Welcome to the website for the Forbidden Passions series by Loribelle Hunt and Crystal Jordan.

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